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  • Technologies:
  • SharePoint

Description: Pil Network - a resource for schools to store training materials, tools for teachers and a list of useful resources for teaching in schools and universities. This resource contains a number of sections and forums where the content is located to share teachers and students, as well as the content for use by teachers who are preparing for lessons.

  • Forums and discussion boards for teachers and students.
  • Pages to pass the survey, register for conferences and seminars and other data collection tools
  • Content Management System. Document Management System.
  • Extensions for calendaring.

Technology Review: The solution is built on the basis of SharePoint Server. Most of the tasks implemented by using the standard features of SharePoint. For this solution our team has developed custom set of WebParts with help of ASP.NET WebForms. In addition, our team was involved In this project as a support team and server administrators for a long time after project completion.