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By becoming a trusted partner you merge into a growing market where customers demand high-quality, sustainable, and cost-effective outsourcing solutions and support.

impact technology is excited to offer partnership programs to both companies and individuals. That’s a true opportunity to grow faster and succeed in today’s ever-changing and competitive business environment. Together, we can reinforce your business with growth and profitability, add a layer of confidence to it, and develop enhanced strategies.

Here are the major benefits of Partnering with impact technology:

  • Sharing mutual experience and expertise with the leading IT industry experts who have been dealing with research and development practices on a global scale
  • Exchanging resources necessary for the project implementation
  • Conducting joint marketing activities aimed at increasing the number of potential clients: B2B, B2C events
  • Holding joint public relations activities focused on increasing your brand awareness

We are open to discussions and cooperation in multiple directions! Curious to find out more? Get in touch today – our marketing team is here to assist you.

Partnership program


There are two ways to partner with impact technology: to become a strategic partner if you are a company, or to become our sales representative in your region if you are an individual. impact technology is excited to offer partnership programs to both companies and Learn more...

For Individuals


A Sales Representative at impact technology is responsible for serving customers in his or her area. It includes visiting various events on a regular basis, as well as taking a row of marketing efforts: Marketing research in your region, identifying new trends Being a part of Learn more...