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Regardless of the size of the company and type of customers we have an individual approach to you.

Understanding of Your Business Goals and Needs
When it comes to meeting you, we take our time to understand your business model as well as analyze the best strategies for implementing our custom-tailored solutions and serving your needs more effectively.

Increased Awareness of Your Industry Specifics
We believe that our understanding of your business domain is a key to understanding the challenges you’ve faced and suggesting the most suitable and result-driven solutions to you

Global-Scale Servicing
We currently work with companies all over the world and we are thus open to any collaboration opportunities and acquiring new experience. Global operation allows us to tailor our solutions to the regional peculiarities of each customer.

Financial Flexibility
By offering flexible pricing models, we contribute to building lasting and reliable relationships with our partners and customers. We enable you to choose the collaboration plan which is the most appropriate for you in terms of cost, scope, and solutions.

Applying Cutting-Edge Technologies
Our approach is built around strong technological background – it is a powerful tool for enhancing the operational efficiency of your business through integrating innovative information and communication technologies.

Strong Awareness of Cultural Peculiarities
In the course of communication with our customers all over the globe, we successfully overcome any communication barriers due to deep understanding of cultural aspects of the country we deal with.

Creating Favorable Environment
Process management and applying of Agile methodologies enable us to become a part of your company and your business environment, be flexible in our solutions and tailor our service to your particular needs.

Meet Every Team Member
For building trust and streamlined communication, you have a chance to meet every team member, responsible for performing the project tasks.

Communication Plan
We negotiate a Non-Disclosure Agreement with a customer and right after the first meeting, we provide him/her with a communication plan, which we will use for further reference.

Trial Period
To try out our core values and collaboration solutions, we give you a chance to work with our team in a trial mode, so that you could find out whether you are fully satisfied with our service.

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Meet a world-class IT outsourcing provider serving customers all over the globe. Our development offices are located in Jeddah –Saudi Arabia and Cairo Egypt – huge IT outsourcing destinations, known worldwide. impact technology delivers complex solutions that always go hand in Learn more...

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As a trusted IT services provider that brings world-renowned solutions into your business, impact technology adheres to the highest performance standards and the latest market demands. Our values make a huge impact on each and every aspect of our business model. We Care impact technology is building Learn more...