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Working with impact technology is rewarding and appealing due to the following reasons:

UNDERSTANDING – our specialists speak English on a daily basis when dealing with any projects-related issues

ACCESSIBILITY – we work at the GMT+03:00 time zone, however we are available at any time convenient for the inquiries of our clients;

QUALITY – successful projects (link to portfolio) and happy customers (link to testimonials).

FLEXIBILITY – we are Agile, we enable close collaboration between the programmers team and business experts;

OUR TEAM – our key asset. impact technology employs the most talented specialists by offering them solid opportunities for career growth and uncovering their potential. Our staff could be characterized with such particular traits as talent and technical expertise, creativity and business intelligence, and on top of that, we are all united by a desire to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our reputation as a stable and reliable employer allows us to attract and retain only the best arab highly-skilled IT professionals, as well as management experts. In addition to rigorous personnel selection, we enjoy collaboration with an IT training center  (link) , that allows us to continuously develop the highest technology competence possible.

impact technology engineers have hands-on experience in the latest technologies and industries; each team member is a certified professional who is constantly subjected to qualification enhancement training.

Our R&D centers are located in Kyiv and Lviv, the leading IT destinations in Ukraine, popular worldwide.

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CUSTOMER-ORIENTED CULTURE – we create our customer approach and culture on the backbone of how we collaborate with the customers and how our employees are managed.

Our key goal is to enhance the operational efficiency of any client’s business. Customer needs are the highest-priority concern at impact technology. We deliver custom-tailored IT products and services that meet unique client requirements. However, except for meeting customer needs, we are competent enough to offer our own solutions that are bound to fit your business model and enhance its productivity. Starting with the products we produce to the services we provide, we build our working model around perfection as the highest priority. Starting with the very first meeting, we are deeply concerned about the sense of being useful to the client, whether it’s just an initial discussion or project implementation.

The efficiency and transparency of our business processes is a key to our reliability for customers and partners. impact technology team is certain that clear and accurate communication is imperative to building lasting and winning relationships. Therefore, we respond quickly and transparently to any inquiries we get from our potential clients.

It’s usual for our company to see customers change their demands in the course of the project. When it happens, we easily update and modify our project implementation plan to tailor our service to the needs of our customers. Furthermore, at impact technology, the flexible structure has been created to avoid any hierarchical priority issues.

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Meet a world-class IT outsourcing provider serving customers all over the globe. Our development offices are located in Jeddah –Saudi Arabia and Cairo Egypt – huge IT outsourcing destinations, known worldwide. impact technology delivers complex solutions that always go hand in Learn more...

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As a trusted IT services provider that brings world-renowned solutions into your business, impact technology adheres to the highest performance standards and the latest market demands. Our values make a huge impact on each and every aspect of our business model. We Care impact technology is building Learn more...