Home dNetwork Billing System


ISP dNetwork needed the accounting system of traffic, new IP connections, etc. It was necessary for the company to monitor the equipment which has been on the side of client, as well as of provider.


The company IT Development, having good knowledge in the area of the development of billing systems, has elaborated a system of automation the transit traffic load management, with network maintenance and support, real time platform checks, interaction management and problem solving. This solution is a client-server application, billing system, which enables all the managers simultaneously to access a single database of current connections. The implementation of this solution, highly effective billing system, have enabled the increase the number of processed applications twice, rapid processing of service requests. IT Development engineers and technicians – experts in the development of billing systems – provided IT product and support service, thus helping to maximize end-user importance and experience, while Account Management Team helped the client to maximize profit, improve customer service, and ensure quality of service, using this billing system.

Duration: 6 months.