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We favor the individual approach to professional development inside the company, paying particular attention to continuous education of the employees and helping each of them to make the most of their valuable potential.

At our Training Center we:

  • Share experience with the newcomers;
  • Involve our leading experts to training process as well as invite highly qualified external trainers;
  • Hold technical presentations and workshops on specialized professional subjects;
  • Invite students to our free training programs in programming languages and software technologies, testing methodologies and quality assurance (the best graduates of those programs are invited to join IT Development team);
  • Support our team members in self-education;
  • Organize training sessions for employees desiring to obtain new professional skills (for example, for a testing engineer who wants to become a developer), and / or master new technologies;
  • Organize discussion clubs and training sessions on personality development;
  • Improve and study English;

At external training centers we:

  • Undergo professional training;
  • Visit the most significant conferences, seminars and branch events;
  • Pay special attention to the preparation for and passing certification exams in various technical and management aspects;

As part of daily work we:

  • Participate in internal seminars and workshops on technologies and processes;
  • Involve experts to work in our internal committees and working groups;
  • Adopt knowledge from experienced mentors;
  • Share knowledge with the newcomers within the mentoring program.

Our values


As a trusted IT services provider that brings world-renowned solutions into your business, impact technology adheres to the highest performance standards and the latest market demands. Our values make a huge impact on each and every aspect of our business model. We Care impact technology is building Learn more...

Our Strength


Working with impact technology is rewarding and appealing due to the following reasons: UNDERSTANDING - our specialists speak English on a daily basis when dealing with any projects-related issues ACCESSIBILITY – we work at the GMT+03:00 time zone, however we are available at any time convenient for Learn more...