Home IT Development events calendar for January 2015

IT Development team will attend the following events this month:

The main topics for discussion will be:

  • How to create your own network;
  • How to collaborate with partners and clients;
  • How to test hypothesis;
  • How to building marketing channels, etc.

19 – 20 January – Modeling of business processes in UML Kyiv

The main topics for discussion will be:

  • The concept of business process;
  • Process approach to management;
  • Modeling of business systems;
  • UML: business use cases;
  • UML: simulation of the behavior of a business system;
  • Requirements to the automation of business processes;
  • Management of changes in business models.

22 January – IT market trends 2015 Kyiv

The main topics for discussion will be:

  • Prospects for IT company in Ukraine;
  • Possible directions of business development;
  • Perfect website layout;
  • Personal success stories.

22 January – Microsoft. 10 the most important technological trends Kyiv

The main topics for discussion will be:

  • The Internet of things;
  • Integrated devices and ecosystems;
  • Hybrid IT and hosting of virtual devices;
  • Big data;
  • The end-user manages analytics;
  • Risk management and cyber crime;
  • Enterprise appstores and HTML5;
  • Personal clouds and seamless devices;
  • Special niche calculations;
  • Portable technology and natural interfaces.

30-31 January – A two-day course from Arie van Bennekum Kyiv

The main topics for discussion will be:

  • First day
  • The Agile philosophy;
  • Full cycle project management;
  • How to choose the optimal development cycle of the Product in accordance with reality;
  • How to manage development teams effectively;
  • Concept of team development and situational leadership.


  • Second day
  • Project managers;
  • Business consultants;
  • Team’s members working in Agile projects;
  • Top management of Agile projects.

We will be pleased to see you there.