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ISP dNetwork needed the accounting system of traffic, new IP connections, etc. It was necessary for the company to monitor the equipment which has been on the side of client, as well as of provider.


The company IT Development, having good knowledge in the area of the development of billing systems, has elaborated a system of automation the transit traffic load management, with network maintenance and support, real time platform checks, interaction management and problem solving. This solution is a client-server application, billing system, which enables all the managers simultaneously to access a single database of current connections. The implementation of this solution, highly effective billing system, have enabled the increase the number of processed applications twice, rapid processing of service requests. IT Development engineers and technicians – experts in the development of billing systems – provided IT product and support service, thus helping to maximize end-user importance and experience, while Account Management Team helped the client to maximize profit, improve customer service, and ensure quality of service, using this billing system.

Duration: 6 months.

dNetwork Billing System


There are many service providers offering hosting, colocation, server exchange, etc. Training center Cyber Bionic Systematics hasa lot of resources, it was hard and uncomfortable to administer them, the company had a need for single, unified authorization for all the resources, and the storage of centralized customer base.


Specialists of IT Developments, highly qualified in the development of cloud solutions, havee used Azure websites and Azure virtual machines (Microsoft Azure). They have transferred the whole IT infrastructure to the cloud, completely eliminating the necessity of server administration. Thus, cloud technology and MS Azure have enabled the reducing the expenses for salary of special administrator and for the maintenance of the server. Thanks to the cloud solution, with the help of Single Sing On and Azure Active Directory, the problem of single system for the storage of information regarding customers has been solved. Also the possibility has appeared, due to the Azure: usage of all the resources of the company by a single account, after the registration at the training center, thereby increasing customer loyalty. With the help of Azure Media Services, the problem of providing media content to users has been solved, reducing costs for the purchase of equipment for streaming video and at the same time providing the possibility to play instructional videos safely, with minimal chance of copying. MS Azure and cloud solution, which was provided by IT Development, have led to increase the overall scalability of company processes, because maintenance costs are directly proportional to the amount of use.

Duration: the elaboration took 1 month, consistent implementation at different resources was completed for a year.

General IT infrastructure, based on Microsoft Azure


IT training center СyberBionic Systematics, based in Kyiv, intended to conquer the IT education markets in other cities of Ukraine and enter the markets of the neighboring countries. It was both too expensive and risky for the training center to open branch offices in every potentially attractive city. The payback period of such education business could take many years, and there is a little chance to find the needed quantity of professional trainers.


IT Development offered the best solution for the training center: a platform for video lessons, video trainings. The solution allows to control the entire process of studying – starting with obtaining materials and watching video lessons, and finishing with testing and consulting after accomplishing the course. The period of development, from the idea to final implementation, took about 3 months – that’s permanent support. The realization of this project, ITVDN, was cheaper even comparing to the opening just one branch office in other city. So far, client base of the training center has been expanded by more than 320 % due to customers of video lessons. As a result, the profit of the training center has increased by 130 %. The use of the platform also allows to expand the number of marketing activities of the training center and to get additional competitive advantage for education business, in comparison with other companies – those which are similar, but don’t offer video lessons, ITVDN, amidst their educational services.

ITVDN – IT Video Developer Network